Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Deciding Whether to Take a Part-Time Job

As someone who is currently looking for a full-time job, I know now that there is a point in time when one must decided whether to take a part-time job or not during this process. I very much would like a full-time job and definitely have the schedule to accommodate one.  I have been applying to said full-time jobs for about three weeks.  I have received only a handful of responses from these jobs that I have applied to, and recently began applying for part-time jobs. 

After applying to only two part-time jobs, I soon-after received an interview offer from one.  At first I felt ok about this prospect, but after speaking to a human resources person I quickly changed my mind.  If I had received notice about this job after knowing more about the jobs I am more interested in/better suited for, the circumstances may have dictated a different response.  Timing issues aside,  the criteria that I set forth for the few part-time jobs I applied for fell into a couple groups. 

1. This job should be relatively close by, and ideally in walking distance from my apartment.  I do not want to spend my time, gas, and energy getting to a part-time job that pays very little. 

2. This job ideally would have flexible hours in the event that I had an interview for a more serious position. 

3. There needed to be some kind of perk related to this job in order to motivate me to accept a lower hourly wage.  This could include small things such as free coffee or larger things such as a free gym membership. 

The job I recently heard back from was difficult to evaluate.  I originally thought I was applying for a position at a location that was in walking distance of my apartment.  It turned out they wanted me to work at a location that wasn't too much farther away, but required me to drive on the freeway to get there.  The hourly wage turned out to be lower than any of the jobs I've had for the past four years.  Apparently at the end of each month there was a bonus based on the sales of the store, but this was not guaranteed.  Additionally the training required for the job was suppose to last three weeks.  What I took from this is that I would feel obligated to stay at the job for longer than three weeks--at a time when I may have a better lead.   There did seem to be advancement opportunities, but as a shift-worker making $7 an hour, it was unclear how long this advancement would take if at all.  Today I turned down this opportunity.  I hope I made the right decision.  Perhaps if I don't have any leads within a month, I'll try applying again for a part-time job at that point in time.  

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